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Buyer Beware (Read the fine print)

When purchasing a storm shelter, there are several things that should be considered. Not all storm shelters are the same. Some companies offer different features, while other companies may not have any special features at all. We are proud to share the special features and quality of our shelters with our customers. Some companies install their shelters as fast as they can so they can move onto the next one, with the goal of installing as many as they can in a day. Volume sales are most important to them.

Many times, the best price does not mean the best shelter or the best company. There are ways of cutting corners to keep costs down so they can provide customers with a shelter while participating in a price war with their competition. Buyer Beware.

Check the fine print. Some companies have hidden charges, such as trip charges. If they show up and cannot install because of inclement weather or access issues for example, they may charge you. Again, check the fine print. We at Enid Storm Shelters have received many calls from people who have an old storm shelter with a rusted out door or similar problem. We have many times gone to someone’s home to look at their problem and try to help them find a solution. Sometimes the solution may include helping them contact a welder or someone who can make repairs. We never have and never will ask the customer for a fee, service charge, or trip charge.

Storm shelter companies from other states will roll into Oklahoma after a significant tornado event to set up shop for as many shelter sales as they can. When “riding the bubble is over” so to speak, they are gone and there is no one left behind to take care of service or warranty issues. By the way, this happens in any area that has sustained significant damage from a tornado, much like roofing companies that appear out of no where following a big hail storm.

Check the reputation of the company you are considering. Sometimes you can learn a lot about a storm shelter company or any company for that matter by doing a Google search for reviews and/or complaints. Ask the company for references. Our supplier and manufacturer has a long standing and impeccable reputation and Enid Storm Shelters is proud to be associated with them.

Enid Storm Shelters is a locally owned and operated business specializing in personal service and customer satisfaction. We strive to be different by offering personal, no hassle and no pressure in-home consultation with no hidden service or trip charges. We hope to earn your trust.

Mike Bennett

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