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Low Interest Storm Shelter Financing

If you have been thinking about installing a storm shelter to protect your family but feel it may not be affordable you might want to read this and re-think it. This is such an incredible opportunity and is available to everyone as long as you qualify.

I am talking about financing your storm shelter with Communication Federal Credit Union at 0.75%.

When you crunch the numbers it is amazing. I have done an amortization on the numbers and the results were amazing. Using an example of a $3500 storm shelter loan financed for 5 years the payments would only be $59.45 per month. If you actually paid the loan out over the 5 years you would only pay $67.13 total in interest for the entire period. And, there is no penalty for early pay off.

No one knows how long this low interest offer will last, so you shouldn’t procrastinate. If you do a loan application and receive approval you will be locked into the 0.75%, even if the shelter is installed after the offer is cancelled. All you need to do is fill out a simple application, (approval usually comes in a day or two), go to the local branch and sign the loan documents and order your shelter.

You can call Enid Storm Shelters at 580-554-1900 and we can get the loan application to you, or you can call or stop by the Communication Federal Credit Union branch to pick one up or fill it out. The Enid branch is located on the corner of Hayes and Owen K. Garriott, across the street east of Godfather’s Pizza. Their phone number is 580-233-1725.

In addition to qualifying, you have to be a member of Communication Federal Credit Union. They make it very easy to join. It only costs around $10 to join and open an account. We joined and it was very easy with no hidden costs or fees.

I say all that to say this….I hope you would call Enid Storm Shelters for your storm shelter. We can visit with you or visit your home and help you in deciding your best options in terms of what type of shelter that would best fit your needs and help you decide the best location.

Call us at 580-554-1900 and visit our website at

Mike Bennett

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