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Shelters for Business, Mobile Home Parks, Apartments, and Organizations

Joplin, MO

Attn: Businesses, mobile home parks , apartments, churches or organizations . Do you have a place for your tenants, employees or staff to seek protection from an approaching tornado?

Enid Storm Shelters can provide storm shelters for your employees, staff or tenants. Once a storm shelter is designated for anything other than non-residential, FEMA regulations come into play. Our shelter design and installations have been engineered to conform to the ICC500 (2014) standards and FEMA P-361, Third Edition.

A great deal of the number of tornadoes occurs during the daylight and afternoon hours. The hours at which we are in the work place. So where can we go for protection? There is nothing more frightening than to be in the path of a tornado and have no place to go for protection. In my mind, it is the equivalency of being tied down to a train track with a freight train bearing down on you.

The same holds true to those who live in a mobile home. A mobile home is the worst place you can be during a tornado. A mobile home does not even require a direct hit by a tornado. The winds near a tornado are indeed enough to destroy a mobile home or any weak structure. Apartment buildings are also vulnerable. Especially the 2nd and or 3rd floors. Apartment buildings or mobile homes are no place to be with an approaching tornado.

So, is the answer to attempt to escape by getting into a car? The answer: A resounding NO! Your car is also the worst place to be. Why? A car is like a toy to a tornado. It can be picked up high in the air and then dropped. Or, it can be tossed or rolled for hundreds of feet. Tornadoes destroy cars. An attempted escape in a car can be thwarted by normal traffic or heavy traffic because other people are trying to do the same. And, what comes ahead of the tornado? Blinding rain and large hail which will only serve to slow you down and impede your escape.

So what is the most logical answer? Seek shelter in place as best you can and hope tragedy never comes? Or, have a storm shelter installed and be ready for it?

Enid Storm Shelters can provide free analysis and consultation for these type of shelters. A storm shelter is not only an investment into the lives of those who work for you, but can also have tax advantages for your company or organization.

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